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Tuscola Flag

Tuscola Flag Football is a Official organization of the NFLFlag Football League. It was founded in 2017 by Jason Rahn and Katie Parker in order to give their son the opportunity to play the game he loves.

Since it's inception, Tuscola Flag has grown from a league of 72 children to well over 100. Our goal is to give every child from the ages of 5-14 the opportunity to play the game of football. The league has strong connections with the University Of Illinois Football team, as many players have volunteered to coach. "We invite any child with the desire to play, and we invite any community member who wants to volunteer. Many of our Coaches and referees are parents and High School Students".

Tuscola Flag is an independently owned and operated youth league under the NFLFlag operating umbrella. The development and operation of the league is one that was set up to run not as a business, but as a service. This means there is minimal markup from the leagues registration fee to cost of operation. The league does not seek out sponsorships from local businesses unless a large purchase needs to made that doesn't fall under our normal operating costs. We are blessed to be in a community who has stepped up to support us in many ways when the league has had unforeseen needs arise. If you are seeking to assist in a monetary fashion or would like to discuss how you or your business can assist the program.

Please contact us at: 217-840-5677 or email:

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