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Q.) "How is the registration fees used?"

A.)  We charge $50 per child for base registration (when using sublimated jerseys). This gets the jersey and flags that your child keeps. This is ordered from NFLFlag at a cost of $35 for core jersey, $45 for sublimated. That leaves $5 per child left. The insurance company then charges $3.25 per child. This leaves $1.75 per child. Those funds are what we use to purchase the usables we need through the season (ie. First Aid, drinks when allowed, extra mouthpieces etc).


Q.) "What will the kids learn in Flag Football"?

A.) We work on teaching the kids the basics of the skill positions in football. They are taught the importance of teamwork, sportsmanship and responsibility all while forming bonds and friendships.

Q.) "What is your season"?

A.) We open our season in June and wrap up by the end of July. We do this so the children can still participate in the other sports they love.

Q.) "How often are practices"?

A.) We let our coaches determine their own practice schedules. This is why communication between parents and coaches is so important.

Q.) "What is the uniform for Flag? And is it expensive?"

A.) Your official game jersey is part of your registration fee. So the only extra expense for you would be the required mouth guard and cleats (should you decide to get them). For practices the kids wear a regular t-shirt, shorts, mouth guard and their issued flag belt. For games they will  wear their Official Jersey flipped to the proper color for home/away (dark is home, white is away), shorts that don't match their flags and the mouth guard.

Q.) "Why are the mouth guards so important and do you recommend a specific one"?

A.) Mouth guards are a demand of NFLFlag and our insurance provider. They protect your childs teeth and tongue from damage should a accident happen. While no specific style is required, we have found that the "pacifer" style is the easiest to use for children and harder to lose.

Q.) "Are cleats required"?

A.) No. They are however very helpful when they are playing on damp or wet grass. If you choose to put your child in cleats please remember, they must be rubber cleats and they can NOT have a toe cleat.


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