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2023 Standings

Team              Win            Loss           Pts Earn           Pts Given         Diff.

Bears                 0                  0                       0                              0                        0

Dolphins         0                  0                       0                              0                        0

Rams                 0                  0                       0                              0                        0

Steelers           0                  0                       0                              0                        0

June 17th (A) Steelers 11:15am

June 24th (H) Rams 11:15am

July 1st (H) Dolphins 11:15am

July 15th (A) Dolphins 11:15am

July 22nd (H) Steelers 10:00am

June 18th (H) Dolphins 4:45pm

June 24th (A) Bears 11:15

July 2nd (A) Steelers 4:45pm

July 9th (H) Dolphins 4:45pm

July 16th (H) Steelers 4:45pm

June 18th (A) Rams 4:45pm

June 25th (H) Steelers 4:45pm

July 1st (A) Bears 11:15am

July 9th (A) Rams 4:45pm

July 15th (H) Bears 11:15am

June 17th (H) Bears 11:15am

June 25th (A) Dolphins 4:45pm

July 2nd (H) Rams 4:45pm

July 16th (A) Rams 4:45pm

July 22nd (A) Bears 10:00am

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